Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 October Favourites

Here's are the my new found love ^__^ (I still love all the skincares products I loved in the past months these are just add on! lolx)

The list::
1) MAC: Margin blush (SD$35) I falling in love with this all over again!!! (It make my cheeks glow beautifully!)

2)ecotools blushes brush!!! I love the edm angle brush... it pick up color and blend it so nicely on my cheeks.. the only down side was that it was too pack... took off abit of my foundation when I brush on my blushes. But this ecotools blush brush... do the same without brushing off my foundation!!!

3)MAC: Green-smoke eyeshadow (SD$26) I always reach for this color more then any others... I donno why, I just love it so much that I kinda do the same eye look each time I go out! lolx

4)Palmer fade cream (SD$39.90)
? I bought this at the cozycot party with discount SD$32.50
I kinda have a love/hate feeling with this products... it doesn't break me out, it smooth my patchy cheeks, didn't fade much of my acne spots... but it does brighten up the skin area around my spots/pigmentation.
I do notice that my skin look more brighter and it worked so well during the first week of using (I use it every evening after my shower).. but it kinda slow down, didn't do much improvement until now (not much moisturizing effect... but I do love how it smooth my patchy cheeks.. I have sensitive skin and I get patchy cheeks very easily... ) I'm still using it... hahaha... I was thinking maybe it does work under my skin???? And slowly working out onto the surface??  Yes? NO?? (lolx)

5)MAC: Moisturelush eye cream (SD$59)

This was a really really thick and creamy eyecream... I use a tiny bits (cos I scare of having seeds around my eyes as this is super creamy thick(oily?)... I have been using this for 10days now! So far so good... no seeds around my eye areas..
Really moisturizing.. it made my under eye areas feel really soft.. can see my fine lines being pumped up (it look juicy instead of dry lines.. I know we can't get rid of those fine lines once it was formed... but we can make it look less deep and dry ^__^)
It work the same as TBS wise women eyecream... but TBS one are not as thick and have a more calming effect.. I love both of them anyway.

6)I nuovi blushes in entice and Hyperbolic
(Promotion SD$9.90each when getting 3- original price SD$24?)
I love the combo of this 2 shades... the payoff was like a pretty coral pink sheen ^__^

7)Burt's bees lip balm (SD$8)
I just got this on wednesday and I already falling in love with it ^__^ it made my chapped lips feel so soft and it's not sticky... I didn't feel like I'm wearing anything when I applied just a thin layer! (And it's work.. no need to apply alot!)

8)EleganTouch Diamond Protect & shine Top Coat (SD$10.90)
No bubbles, love the shiny glossy finishing and it last quite well!

9)Beauty Credit lovely nail in OR25 Orange (SD$4.90)
My fave nail color for the moment!

10)Burt's bee shampoo (SD$18)
I love it... I have oily and  sensitive scalp. This shampoo lather easily and it not hard to lather into my scalp too(easy to wash) and my hair feel soft yet not oily. Even when I was out for a long day (sweating and all) my hair doesn't look worse like I have applied a coat of oil on it!!! MY scalp didn't feel painful(like commerial shampoo does to my scalp) I LOVE IT!!!!!

Here's a pic of my nail after a week of using the top coat + beauty credit polish! 

I wore this on Friday 23rd Oct... using the beauty credit orange, skinfood deep purple and a coat of the elegan touch top coat.
After 7days... it only chipped abit (I didn't go easy with my hands also... cook, wash, my dogs biting my fingers and ects)
Not bad... normally my nail won't last that long after a day of cooking.. it will start to chip badly!
(So I'm impress with this top coat/nail polish)

Mini Haul

When to Orchard yesterday to help my sister buy the Blythe doll "Neo Beatrice Vest" (Limited collection, released on 28Oct2009)... at Dollz Inc(Wheelock Place)  OK.. the doll look like this:::

I'm not a fan of blythe... but I do found that they are good for collectors... hahaha.. some of her blythe dolls already worth double of the original price she paid for!!! If I need some $$$$.. I going to steal her dolls and sell it!! Wahahaha (don't tell her I say that!)

Anyway.. back to my haul... I went to ION... and I only got 2 items ^__^ (I'm kept my promise that I'm going to keep off from color makeup!!!)

Muji Cleansing oil (SD$13.00) I heard vivawoman talk about it... so I wanna give it a try
(I used it yesterday... it nice... wash off very clean without any greasy feel, but it can't remove waterproof mascara well.. bummer!)

Burt's bee lip balm

The balm look reddish without any color payoff! It's doesn't feel sticky... with just a thin layer... you won't feel like you have applied anything and it's does moisturize my lips! (With just a day of using it... it already fall into my fave item list for oct!!!! I love it ^__~)

Oh and on Saturday(I forgot to mention before) I received the stila's mascara from purplio(Amy).. I bought the mascara from her sale page ^__^

The brush head was really soft... I tried this mascara once and even though it was a wash-off mascara, it doesn't smudge at all! But it does weight down my lashes abit... (I'm going to use it for afew times to know whether it a good/bad mascara for me! lolx)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini Haul:: The Bodyshop + Cyber colors + swatches

Got alittle somethings at The BodyShop on Sunday (wasn't plan to get any of these except the nails buffer... )
Strawberry Reed Diffuser, Africa Sea salt scrub and 2 buffers(SD$4.90) (One for me and One for my dad)

Oops... I took out the reed Diffuser glass... it look like this ::

Right now... TBS having promotion on almost all frangrance stuff... I got the Strawberry Reed Diffuser @SD$29.90(Up to SD$42.90)... the scent was so yummy! lolx
I pour abit of the frangrance oil into the glass and use 4 Reed sticks for my living room area... and I recycle all of my frangrance "Air Wick" containers(clean/wash it) and pour abit of the oil with 2 reed sticks for each bedrooms!! Now my home smell like strawberry!

Air Wick container also have alot of tiny holds on the cover... just good for poking the reed sticks! lolx

OK... back to my buying....
SPA WISDOM Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub
350ml 13.5OZ(385g) SD$52.90

The paste was really thick and creamy!! It look like candle wax from the container! lolx
(TBS members get either 10%, 15% or 20% off on regular price item)
I'm using the 20% discount, so it didn't burn my wallet much! lolx

Yesterday(Monday)... went to VIVO for dinner... and I stop by sasa to get the spray bottle(I just need the spray head.. cos I drop my MAC brush cleanser bottle and it hit the spray head... Yes, it's spoiled  =(  And sasa sell it cheaper then Daiso (SD$1.55 each only! lolx)

I also bought 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushes from cyber colors and a pack of hair elastic bands(SD$3.75? can't remember).

I got the new collection cyber colors eyeshadows (they have 4 shades) SD$18 each ...
the blushes was on discount... SD$10each (original price is $20.30)...
their lipstick also on discount.. think also half price!

Pink(03) is a matte blush and the tan(13) have abit of sheen in it.. not shimmery at all... just a nice glow.
(Both blushes was really smooth) Made in Japan.

This collection was made in Italy! 
A  mixture of 3 shades in a pan!!

Neptune:: the blue one have silver, blue and purple...

Here's the swatches

Swatching from the top and bottem of the pan... and it have 2 different payoff shades...
Purplish blue and silvery blue

Earth: the green one.. contain:: gold, green and silver

Here's the swatches

Swatching from the top and bottem of the pan.
The part where it have more gold... it turn to this very pretty golden green shade and the bottem half have a smoke silvery green(more silver then green) 

The texture were really smooth and silky (good pigmentation.. all the swatches were done with just one swipe with no base!)


That's all.. I think I'm have bought enough blushes and eyeshadows for now... gonna give it a rest... no more makeup buying til the end of this year (But I'm still going to buy facial stuff... like face wash, shampoo and ects... it's a must buy... lolx)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tiny Haul:: MAC + Swatches

Went to MAC @ Tang to collect my pre-ordered Palette ^__^ and I also bought an eye cream too! (Have been wanting to try MAC eyecream!)

Pretty cute and abit heavy!! Feel very solid~ lolx

Here's the swatches
With flash (Right from top row.. should look blue-ish purple

Without flash

The texture of the eyecream was really thick! Feel abit greasy.. but it adsorb very fash and feel smooth on my lids.

From the website::

In the afternoon, I was around Raffles City, so I pop in to check out the
MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief Collection (It's their exclusive launch today)
I didn't swatch their mineralize eye shadow duo.. cos it look really shimmering from the packaging!! Very Gold! lolx
I just swatch their Mineralize blushes.... pretty.. but not really a must have! lolx

From left to right:: Su Perdu Pernatural and Conjure Up (I'm using a cell phone camera... so it not really bright and clear! Sorry)
Both when I first applied, it look very shimmery... but it tone down after awhile (Conjure Up look like dirty red and Su Perdu are more brownish coral... look abit like Margin.. but brighter)



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review: Loreal UV Perfect and Garnier UV protect sunblock lotion

I gonna compare Garnier and Loreal sunblock lotions 

Garnier UV Protect in white
(available in beige, purple and white)
  • Advance daily UV blocking lotion (With Mexoryl SX/XL)
  • Pure Vitamin E + Hydra-active complex
  • SPF 50 / PA+++
Price SD$17.90 [30ML]

Loreal UV Perfect, For transparent skin(white)
(Same as Garnier - available in beige, purple and white)
  • Long Lasting UVA/UVB Protector
  • Against Brown Spots/ Skin darkening/Premature Skin-ageing
  • SPF 50 / PA+++

Price: SD$20.90 [30ML]
Used to be SD$17.90(before they refomula)

OK lets compare both of the texture 


Garnier feel much watery as compare to Loreal. I prefer the Garnier texture better,  I feel that it's more moisturize.

Loreal have a more milky yellowish tone as compare to the Garnier
Both don't have any tinted tone in it after spreading over the skin. It's just the ingredients that make the lotions look different in shade.

After evenly spread out...
Garnier has a dewy finishing.. it's brighten up my face and it's feel moisturize rather then sticky.

Loreal... does make my face look brighter and have the look like you just applied moisturizer... have a slighly sticky feel as compare to Garnier.

I have been using Garnier since it first launched around 2007(?)... After using it for a while, I did notice that my face have become brighter, pigmentation have become lighter also. 

The sunblock power is awesome!

I wore this out under the sun for 2 hrs straight without any shelter or umbrella (cos I was taking a walk around the Pandan Reservior)...  I forgot to apply body sunblock on my neck and arms. I have some minor sunburns on my chest/arms/scalp!!!! And my face, it still feel fresh and moisturize at the end of the day ^__^

I like Loreal  because it have a sticky base... it made my foundation stay much longer, other then that... the sunblock power is the same as Garnier

I only get  Loreal when I can't find Garnier ^__^ it's a good alternative! lolx

I will keep on buying Garnier(or until I found better sunblock.sunscreen).... as for Loreal, I will still get it if I can't find Garnier! =Þ

If I have to just choose JUST one... I take Garnier! (It's the best sunblock lotions I've ever tried so far (and I didn't try alot also... kekekeke!!!)

Here are some good explanations of the "PA" in all sunblock/sunscreen
(Souce from Vivawoman)
PA system(The Japanese system) is the protection grade for UVA rays.
There are 4 levels of protection (PA, PA+, PA++ and PA+++)
The higher the level of PA, the more protection you get.

SPF is a measure of a sunblock's ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin.
When applied properly, an SPF15 will filters out 93% of UVB, SPF30 filter out 97% and SPF 50 filters out 98%

What's the correct sunblock dosage?About half teaspoon or more for adult's face.
That's all for now, hope this is helpful :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Review: Rimmel Sexy curves mascara (waterproof) + Majolica Lash Expander Frame Plus

I got Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, the waterproof version during the CozyCot Party.

I have tried the wash-off version at Rimmel workshop and love it.. cos it's curve and lengthen my lashes...  When I saw the waterproof version I was so excited!!!

BUT I hate the waterproof version after using it the 2nd times!!! (First I thought I did something wrong... but I tried using it for a week and I hate it every times I use it!!!!!)

It's not only weight down my lashes and it doesn't lengthen at all... just darken my lashes only!!!!!!! I'm so disappointed by the formula!

I love the brush head.. it really make application easy for upper and lower lashes! 

My clean lashes 

With 1 coat of Rimmel mascara (I curled my lashes before applying mascara)

For easy viewing/comparison 

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara(waterproof) 

A comb shape brush head.. it comb and coat the lashes well! I donno what happened... my pics was deleted from my camera..... and this is the only one left :( 

so sorry for no close/side view pics.

But the open eye(front) pic already say enough for the goodness of this Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara(waterproof)

One coat only!!!

Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara (waterproof) 
Price : SD$17.90

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus 
Price : SD$25.90

Available at Watsons