Thursday, September 10, 2009

MAC: Baby Bloom Suntints spf 20 liquid lip balm in Pink Tinge (+ swatches)

A gift from my BFF (She got it from USA)

The texture was kinda weird compares to a lip balm.. it felt like a layer of starch covering your lips locking the moisturizer in!
Have a very sweet vanilla scent... sticky but not those gross and messy type
Have very tiny gold mica.. which give out a good golden sheen on your lips ^___^ nice~
Actually it feel kinda good on my lips... I don't feel like wiping it off!
(I don't use alot of lip's products so it hard for me to compare.. I can only compare to normal lip balms!)


Price USD$14.50 (I not sure how much it cost in Singapore)
Anyone bought this??? How much does it cost at MAC counter???