Friday, September 04, 2009

Gorgeous Blogger Award!


OK, I was being tag with this "Gorgeous Blogger Award"! (Thanks Mya!!)
And I have to include::
-Share 6 interesting facts about myself
1) I'm not pure Chinese ^__^ (My grandparents were Thai ppls)
2) I don't have a Chinese name (And yes my IC only have "Chantana Tan" printed!)
3) I was super vain when I was a little kid.. I have to have nail polish on!(That's explain why all my childhood pics with me having pink or red polish!lolx)
4) I love wearing bangles (Since I was a baby!!!)
5) I love to sing!!!!! (And I think my ears are better then my projection! lolx... )
6) I used to so afraid of dogs!!! Lolx... now I love them to death!!!!

Nominate as many bloggers as I like.. hmm.. I didn't know alot... and those I knew already been nominated!(lokx)
So I nominate these gorgeous ladies::