Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sleek Limited Edition Safari Palette!

Guess What I got in the mail today?!?!?!?!?!!?

Yes... my title have gave out the answer!! lolx...
I'm just so happy to receive it!!!! This palette flew all the way from UK ^__^ and I'm going to thanks retail therapy for sharing with us where she got her sleek palette(which I have been wanting to get for sometimes already!!!!) and Hele for opening the selling blog for helping ppls from overseas to get UK makeups ^_^

Get your sleek palette thru Hele makeup merchant selling blog!! <<- click click
Anyway... here are the palette ^___^

Good service, reasonable international shipping charge and I got the palette within 2 weeks!
(She send out on the 6th Aug, I received on 17th Aug!)
OH... when I was reading the back of the palette for the ingredients and ects... I didn't knew these were minerals eyeshadows!! (lolx)

Anyway.. if you wanna try out Sleek palettes or any other UK base brands... try asking Hele ^__^ she might be able to help!!!!