Rimmel's Makeup Workshop!

Saturday(22 Aug 2009) went to Rimmel's makeup workshop held at The School of Makeup(Delfi Orchard)
As I tweet about, I sprained my upper left back on Friday... so with aching back, I still enjoy the workshop... wahahha (like my dad say, I will forgot about the pain when I busy painting my face!)

Well.. most of the ppls who took this workshop are mostly newbie!!! So which make bff and me kinda stand out! hahahaha... and one of the teachers joke that we were there to play with their colors!!!!!!

Anyway, they have the class held in their makeup class.. which surrounded by mirrors and chairs(those hairdresses type of high chair), very comfy. (Too bad my back was so painful... I didn't took alot of pics.. hard for me to twist around... lolx)

When the workshop started we all seated at the center of the classroom where the makeup teacher(Guy makeup artist) talking/teaching about basic makeup... how to apply foundation, concealer and good eyebrows will shape our face (Oh they will shape your eyebrows for free, if you want it) and finding your own lips shade and ects (well... we all knew how it do it, don't we?)

After explaining, we all will find a seat around the counters to do our own face ^__^  I didn't do much... cos I already put on my mineral foundation at home!! I just wanna try their eyeshadows, mascara and eyeliners. ^___~ They have some makeup teachers around... to help shaping eyebrows, showing those who donno how to use the products and ects (I should act like I knew nothing and have them paint my face right~ my lost! lolx)

Anyway, I swatched their Products... (sorry forgot to take pics! MY bad~) 
- concealer(it in a lipstick form).. too dry for my liking
liquid foundation have very sheer coverage,...
- Press powder/foundation (o man) I try some on my under eyes and use it to cover/wipe away my blushes(so that I can try theirs blushes)...
I don't likey! (very sheer... almost to no coverage!!!)
- Lip glosses (I don't use alot of lip products.. well almost to none).. very very very very sticky!!!! (On the counter they didn't have any of those tube type lipgloss that we have in the goodie bag.. so I not really sure about the texture)
-Mascara (it's not waterproof) but it does lengthen my lases.. 
Anyway, I don't like wash off mascara.. so I coat it with my own waterproof mascara... lolx cos I'm going out later on, don't wanna have smudges =p

Only 3 blushes on the counter.. peach tone, darker golden peachy tone and pink tone (I don't remembe the name, OMY!)... I try the darker peach tone and Pink tone together.. it give a nice peach pink sheen.. not bad! lolx

Their eyeliners were very creamy... BUT, it smudges(I means the black one)!!!! But their purple one don't smudges (maybe cos it duo end(2 colors on a pencil have different ingredients?) and I like the darker purple color(so pretty!)

After we do our basic face.. we were all called back to the center where the makeup teacher will talk about eyeshadows.. I like the teacher.. very funny and his face are so glowy and nice~  After talking about eyeshadows we were all back to our own counter and try out Rimmel's eyeshadows!

Have you ever wonder why there are no tester of their eyeshadow on Rimmel counters?(I never came across one that have.. if you do... maybe I'm just unlucky, hahahaa) I don't like the texture.. not really pigmented... and when you swatch the color on the back of your hand... it kinda have uneven tone (abit like charcoal kinda tone) and it don't build up... I keep layering up thinking the color will get more intense.. but NOPE!!!!

Anyway.. after the workshop, I quite enjoy the fun coaching workshop, Rimmel's blushes and duo end purples eyeliners. 

The SD$50 worth of Rimmel's Goodie Bag (I didn't knew evian belong to Rimmel?!?! (lolx)

The counter full of Rimmel's products

That's all.. I didn't took alot of pic... my back hurt so much during the workshop... it hard to turn around to snap pics.. lolx (I feel like an old lady with my aching back! lolx)