2009 July Favourite

Since almost everyone are doing the per monthly fave... I should join in the fun ^__^
Here's my July favourites!!!!

MAC: Charged Water (SD$37)
MAC Green-Smoke eyeshadow (SD$26)
MAC brow shader (SD$29)
MAC IMprovise blush (SD$44)
Majolica waterproof mascara
(does length my lashes by abit not much, and my lashes feel so soft compare to most of the waterproof mascara!)
Bourjois Contour clubbing waterproof liner in 41 black party
(it creamy- I haven' been using this for afew months and I fall in love with it all over again! lolz)
Koji eyelash curler (loving it) (SD$15)
Clinique Pore miniimizer refining serum
Klorane (Gentle dry shampoo) (SD$14.90)

Really loving the dry shampoo... I have oily scalp... so my hair got very limpy and oily very fast... and this baby really suck the oilyness off my root and give my hair a good volume!

I will do this every month or every few months once I have a new fave.. cos I hardly changes any stuff that I love to use! lolx