Saturday, July 25, 2009

MAC: Love that look Collection

All about eyeshadows.... Releasing date of the collection
30 Jul 2009 (Official date TBD) [US/Canada]
Aug 2009 [international]

Eye Shadows: (All LE, all Starflash formula) $14.00USD/$17.50CAD
Grand Entrance - Frosty neutral peach beige (Repromote from Starflash)
Dreamaker - Frosty yellow gold (Repromote from Starflash)
Smoke & Diamonds - Frosty gray taupe (Repromote from Starflash)
Glamour Check! - Frosy reddish brown (Repromote from Starflash)
Strike A Pose - Dirty deep blue green
Ego - Light yellow pink
Fashion Groupie - Light blue violet
Unbasic White - Bright off white
One-Off - Mid-tone green with silver pearlized pigments
Rated R - Bright, yellow green
Style Snob - Dirty pink brown with gold pearlized pigments
Fashion - Light gray-green with gold pearlized pigments

All pics and informations taken from specktra and temptalia

Man... all these colors are so pretty!!!
- Strike A pose(nice color with a chic name!)
- One Off
- Rated R
- Style Snob
- Smoke + Diamonds
I love these 5 shades.. but not sure whether I will be getting all.. have to do swatches first! lolz
Anyway... what colors are you getting??? Share with me! ^________^

I did promise myself not to purchase anymore eyeshadows... BUT.... these are so hard to PASS!!!!