Saturday, July 04, 2009

haul: MAC


Went to VIVO today... going to check out whether the Colorcraft collection blushes(see whether it out already)... nope =(
So I just browse around... exchange my beauty vouchers $5... turn out it can't be use on MAC products =(
Anyway.... when I was looking around... I wanna get a peachy tone blushes... but with a friendly help from the MUA(I always forgot to check his name... but whenever I go to VIVO I was attended by him... friendly and helpful ^__^) ...

I end up buying Honour Blush (it's light.. I can mix it with well dressed ^__^) and a Greensmoke eyeshadow. (I always buy green/blue/teal type of eyeshadows... lol... I can't help it!)

Peapea my little custom... always like to check/sniff on bags of stuff I bought home

I still haven't use my MAC vouchers from the workshop yet... I need to use it before it expire!!!!