Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAC In Mode WorkShop

Saturday 27 June 2009

Location:: INK Club Bar(Fairmont hotel)
Time: 11am to 1pm

I reach there around 11.10am.. they haven't start yet(luckily)... I see some empty tables... so I'm not the last one to register/reached!! lolx

OOh I have fun.... each table have 2 sets of brushes and tons of products to try around! When Makeup artist was showing us the latest trend on fashion Makeups... we can play around with the makeup, either follow what he do or you just play around... lolx

Anyway... MUA teaches the basic makeup techniques (yes very basic one... no new or special techniques.. I was hopefully for somethings new! lolx).. it's still fun!!

Time passes by really fast!! Have a good time! I will be joining it again if there's another one coming ^__^

It's really worth it... the free Kit is somethings that's worth going to.. I love surprises!! lolx

The In Mode kit consist of a brush/bottle kind of tube case(very nice), travel size Fix+ , oil cleanser, 4 face charts(that we go thru in the workshop), a pencil and a face chart note pad (I love this!!) and a $50 voucher for MAC products at Raffles City MAC store.

After the Workshop check out the MAC counter at Raffles City with Phoebe... I donno what I wanna get so we left... I still got amonth time before the voucher expire.
After we go our seperate ways.. I meet up with my family ^__^ and I'm doing some haul...

At Etude House Purchasing above $50 entitle for free lifetime membership
What a cute card!