Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dr.Ci:Labo Super 100 Series - create your own moisturizer

Few weeks ago, I had an enjoyable lunch date with a few bloggers and the peoples from Dr.Ci:Labo (sister brand - Labo Labo). It's a small gathering to know about each others and also learn more about the brand. (I'm always in for good foods and learning about new stuff!)

Skincare is getting more and more fun and interesting. I'm not very good at ingredients (I just kinda know a little bit of what my skin may like and benefit from it.). And I totally love the idea of creating/mixing my own moisturizer!  I means without giving up your favourite moisturizer, all I have to do by adding a few drops of EGF/Collagen/Hyaluronic acid for that extra boost without changing my favourite moisturizer.

Introducing Dr.Ci:Labo Super 100 Series~

Thursday, April 21, 2016

SKII - Spring Butterfly Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence

This year, to celebrate the woman who has given us the most, SK-II unveils the Spring Butterfly Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, created especially for Mother’s Day.

The limited edition bottle design, featuring a medley of fluttering butterflies, symbolizes transformation and new beginnings, celebrating a mother’s dedication and uplifting support in her child’s growth and metamorphosis.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Wanna join - The Biggest SK-II Mother-Daughter Brunch


Have you all start planning your mother day event? Donno where to start?? Why don't you join SK-II - The Biggest SK-II Mother-Daughter Brunch???

To celebrate the special woman that every mother is, SK-II will be holding its first ever biggest mother-daughter brunch at the beautiful South Beach Hotel on 7th May 2016.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vichy Ideal White Sleeping Mask

These days... I can't seem to concentrate on doing anything. Too lazy for anything, not sure is it because of the hot/humid weather or I'm just getting old! lolx
Anyway... I just wanna do a quite post on a new product that I've received recently. I haven't tried it myself, I let my mum tried it and I can see obvious results on her skin. (Really 神奇! I means amazing la!)

*NEW* Vichy Ideal White Sleeping Mask - formulated to reduce dark spots, even skin tone, keeping the skin hydrated for 24 hrs and strengthen skin barrier.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

SK-II Marriage Market Takeover Redefines The "Leftover Woman" (剩女)

As part of SK-II’s ongoing global #changedestiny campaign, SK-II captured the leftover women speaking up against this negative societal stigma and the pressure that comes with it. 

The video has gained immense traction, making the “leftover woman” (剩女) an inspiration to all and a reminder to society of the power of a woman’s right to choose her path and take control of her own destiny.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Review : Labo Labo Super-Moist 5H5C

When it comes to skincare, especially moisturizer... I like it simple! I have sensitive skin (these couple of years) and my skin get irritation easily! Donno is it because of aging, skin become more weaker and dryer as compare to before. So I always reach for moisturize that will provide intense hydration!

So when I learned about the Labo Labo Super-Moist 5H5C, I was pretty excited (always excited to try new hydrating and skin friendly skincare products!!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Comfortable shoes bring you to happy places

Years ago, I find that platform, heels and wedges are the most comfortable footwear. They make walking fun and really comfortable plus it add some height on (my not so tall 164cm)height... I can't never wear flipflop or flats as I find them really uncomfortable.  (Don't ask me why... maybe I have flat feet? hahahaha

But these few years, maybe because I put on weight/aging/shoes not as well made as compare to before.... my feet cannot take heels anymore (comfortable 2 inches, I still can work it... lolx).

I agree with this article I read about women's footwear...because I find that sneakers are the most comfortable shoes. I can wear it anywhere and it goes well with all the clothing I own!!!

I don't usually wear formal clothing (maybe I don't go out often~), I don't go clubbing and I spend most of my time at home, cafe, shopping or walking my dogs (I know!!! I'm a boring person.. BUT I'm a happy boring person! lolx) so wearing a sneaker (it's a cover up) and it can take you to places where open toes shoes or flipflop can't... that's good enough for me.

I'm not a dressy person, I like jeans, tights, skirt (tight long skirt) with t-shirt (usually long sleeve), blouse and cardigans... I don't really enjoy wearing prints, but if I do.. I WILL always wear an outer wear to cover most of it! lolx

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NEW OPI Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Collection

Recently, O.P.I Hello Kitty range releases a few new shades.... under the Cherry Blossom theme - I'm not a fan of Hello kitty BUT I'm loving the shades they releases so far!! Super sweet and chic!

Maybe because I like soft/pastel pink, red and of-course white (it's a classy shade that goes well with anything and colors!). Anyway.... below are the nail swatches of the 4 new shades.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Favourite Kitty Carnival by

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty?? There will be a Kitty Carnival by happening on 12 and 13 March 2016. At the Carnival, they will be having fun activities like Hello Kitty Manicure by OPI, Japanese Make up session,  games and many more. And cute Hello Kitty Workshop! (More details below~)

So here's a little somethings I've received from