Friday, April 18, 2014

2014 April BellaBox - Innovative Beauty

In this month (April 2014) kawaii Bella Box, there's some pretty interesting products~ and some brands that has never came up before in the previous boxes.


Korres Basil Lemon body milk

Aloxxi hydrating shampoo

Jyunka Ultra Defence UV pro spf 50 (10ml)

Jill Lowe beauty concealer

Jacqueline Burchell brush on gel

Fragrance Du Bois Oud Rose/Jaune intense
This is really cute... I don't have haul the bottle around and just bring a few capsules for "touching" up of fragrance~ (interesting!!!)

Monthly subscription fee per box is SD$19.95

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The bellabox is provided for consideration
I'm no affiliated with the company

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Body Shop Mega Sale!! Up to 70% OFF

The Body Shop Mega Sale is back!!!! Up to 70% off!
From 18th to 20th April at Singapore Expo Hall 6B


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beat the sun with airy-light sun protectors from KOSE with Ariel Lin

Couple weeks ago, attended the KOSE Youthful Radiance Beauty Workshop + Beauty Fair at Marina Bay Sands. Where they invited the KOSE ambassador's Ariel Lin (林依晨).

The main stars of the workshop is their line of *NEW* sun protectors inclusding the 6-in-1 White BB cream. (I got one to try at the beauty fair with great discount!)

KOSE Sun Protect Essence Milk SPF 50+ PA++++ (4+!!)
A milk type sun protector for drier skin 
(or for those who prefer richer consistency - but still feel light weight on the skin.)

The milk is really light~ hydrating for drier skin and doesn't feel too heavy.

KOSE Sun Protect Essence Gel SPF50+ PA++++ (4+)
A cream gel texture, lightweight and quite refreshing on the skin 
Suitable for humid and hot weather/oily combination skin

KOSE White BB cream SPF40 PA+++
Available in 2 shades

Shade 01 (for brighter skin finishing) and 02 (for natural skin finishing)

At the beauty fair, there were a few counters for us to have fun with.. and I chose the "Sand art" 
Cute huh~ lolx

The whole workshop is on using KOSE products to have radiance and white skin with their awesome skincare range and with the use of their NEW sun protectors (they always have workshop, if you are interested you can "like" their facebook page and keep up to date with their next workshop or ask the BA at the KOSE counter)

I took some pics.. but all look quite funny... so I'm going to spare you and the "model" off ... and just share some pics of Ariel Lin (kekekeke)

JiaYi was one of the model too~
She look so pretty in white

Sand art by Ming and meeee

The travel size products are door gift
I bought the BBcream and cleansing oil set at the beauty fair
(For the first 100 customers - received a set of nail polishes)

Can't wait to try out the bbcream!

KOSE products are all available at all KOSE counters (Store listing)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush, HD microfinish pressed powder and New Brushes

Make Up For Ever the HD saga continues - they are launching a series of HD cream blushes and a NEW HD microfinish pressed powder. And at the same time launching 3 new brushes!

I simply cannot get enough of cream products especially cream shadows and blushes... oh oh.. and not forgetting cream highlighter... so the more the merrier! Kekekekek :b

#HdNoFilter - The HD Saga continues~
Inspired by the demands of make-up professionals and made to satisfy women's daily needs, the HD pressed powder and HD cream blush make their mark this 2014 as the new HD stars.

If you are a fan of Make Up For Ever HD products - you gonna love these new series too!

The new HD Cream blush is more fusional than a powder, more sensorial than a cream, the lightweight cream feels like a 2nd skin finish that brings flattering freshness and controlled shine to the apples of the cheeks, producing a stunning real finish.

Available in an extra wide range of 16 shades - 15 nudes shades + 1 funky (doll-like) coral - retailing at SD$50 each.

A cream texture with velvety finish
A cream that’s not really oily and doesn’t stick or shine, an extrafine cream that smoothens the skin to add a transparently light glow, the HD Cream Blush is a seemingly impossible achievement that all comes down to a clever mix of oils, pigments and powders:

  • Silicone oils, dry oils and light waxes are expertly combined to bring an ultra-soft feel and silkiness that spreads easily but is supremely light with flawless hold.
  • Specially dosed for an HD finish, silica powders and synthetic mica ensure softness on the skin and a soft-focus satin finish that conceals imperfections and ensures a radiant complexion without masking the skin’s texture.
  • Optimal concentration of pigments combined with transparent natural pearlizers brings sheer, natural colors that are incredibly luminous and do not vanish or turn lackluster as the hours pass.

Gonna swatch these 5 shades that I received in the makeup mail~

The 5 shades I got was 210, 220, 315, 420 and 425
These are made in Italy

Ingredients list~

Close up look on each shade

HD Cream Blush in 210

Using #210 on my cheek (I applied on abit more wider (I means in "area") so that you can see how the color #210 look on my cheek.

HD Cream Blush in 220

HD Cream Blush in 315

HD Cream Blush in 420

HD Cream Blush in 425

This is a really dark and intense shade.. I use tiny bit on the outer cheek (kinda like contouring)

 Group swatches in various lighting
210, 220, 315, 420 and 425

210 - cool pink
220 - Pink Sand
315 - Peach beige
420 - Indian rosewood
425 - Brown copper

HD microfinish pressed powder
Price : SD$59

With the same airy finesse, the same HD invisibility and unique sensoriality, the HD pressed powder is a handy, on the go pressed version of the cult HD loose Powder.

Extra- fine and talc-free, it shows no texture on the skin and fades lines optically, without settling inside the skin. Universal shade is totally transparent on the skin, giving every complexion skin-texture perfection a unified look and imperceptible natural matte-ness that does not dry out. 

The Powder micro-particles act like a soft focus effects on the skin to reveal a marvellously luminous complexion.

  • Silica injects comfort into the skin for an ultra-airy sense of softness and a flawless soft-focus glow. 
  • Synthetic mica ensures the finish is transparent, smooth and even, with a silky soft feel. 
  • Silicone powders erase lines and wrinkles and unify the skin texture while giving a matte and luminous finish.
  • Hyaluronic acid reinforces the comfort and sensoriality of the texture thanks to its anti-drying properties.

Ingredients list

Swatches in various lighting

The powder feel light and abit powdery (to touch-just like silica powder).. doesn't look heavy on the skin, not patchyness and have a soft focus finishing on the skin. This just feel a tiny bit "thicker" as compare to their HD powder.

Make Up For Ever Brushes 
in #152 (Highlighter brush "medium") SD$69 and #154 (Buffer Blush brush) SD$80

#152 (Highlighter Brush "Medium")
A medium rounded and dense brush. (recommended for cream, gel, loose and compact powders)

#154 (Buffer Blush brush)
Extra-dense round brush with a flat tip (recommended for loose and compact powder)

Both brushes are really really soft synthetic brushes (buttery soft on the skin and doesn't feel prickly at all! Feel so nice on me face~) The brushes were nicely made, feels solid and firm. Washed with no color runs or fall-out!

#124 (Powder Kabuki)
A small compact brush with a Japanese name. A dome-shade, dense kabuki brush for smooth and even application of all powder.

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