Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Majolica Majorca Sweet trap hunter - Lash King and Perfect Automatic liner review

Mascaras and eyeliner are one of the key products to make your eyes look more define and awake - and also one of the products that get you started on trying out cosmetics .. well for me at least. My first ever makeup products was an eyeliner and follow up with a Covergirl mascara (back in the days where covergirl was available in Singapore).

I have always adore using Japanese waterproof mascara and one of my favourite waterproof mascaras was from Majolica Majorca. Recently they launched a new chapter "Sweet trap hunter" where they focusing on "eye makeup".

Review AFC Kidachi Detox - Digestion Detox Wellness supplement

Detoxing is one of the reason for a better health and brighter skin complexion, and I believe a lot of us have try many ways trying to clear up our system by drinking green juice, taking all kind of supplements.

I like taking all kind of natural healthy foods, fruits or supplement to detox of body and I jump on the chance when AFC offer me their newly launched "All-natural digestion & detox solution, AFC Kidachi Detox".

Neutrogena New Clinical Solutions To Its Fine Fairness Range

Having a hydrated, radiance and even complexion skin take years off your actual age  - even when we are not using anti-aging products. Whitening(brightening) and hydrating products does their parts in making skin look youthful and healthy. Especially when the whitening range that have high content of hydrating ingredients.

Neutrogena takes skin brightening to new heights with the launch of the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare line, formulated to provide higher efficacy in combating stubborn dark spots, for healthy and radiant skin. The new line of clinical solutions features a unique combination of VITAL-IONSTM and Lily Nectar that work together synergistically to lighten dark spots and revitalise skin from deep within, for renewed radiance and skin tone evenness.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Introducing Klarity the first Halal-certified functional skin care in Singapore

I enjoy learning about new brands and their philosophy and not too long ago, I checked out Klarity, a new brand in Singapore and the first Halal-certified functional skin care in Singapore. The brand philosophy is to provide functional skin care solutions with no down time, non-invasive and skin friendly ingredients - no paraben. It is straight-forward, fix and improve targeted concerns with driven results.

For now, Klarity only have 3 products and 2 of which are focusing on giving you a V-line jaw (face slimming) and a CC cream that contains no pigment.

Favourite Makeup products for the month of June 2014

It's been a while (a very long while) since I do makeup favourite! I forgotten how fun this type of posts were. I got to look thru the box of products that I always reach for and I noticed that these are some of the products I have been using for the past few weeks (I means in the month of June and still using it now).